PIES FOR SANDY: A Sweet Relief Effort by Brooklyn Bouillon

Perhaps pie isn't what comes to mind when soup is on the agenda, but here at Brooklyn Bouillon, we're big on holiday pie. Pies for Sandy is a sweet relief effort to bake an assortment of pies the day before Thanksgiving and to deliver pies to those affected by Sandy on Thanksgiving morning. We invite you to join us! Here's how you can participate:


We're looking for donations of pumpkins, apples and/or pecans for the pies. Brooklyn Bouillon will donate homemade pie dough, ancillary pie filling ingredients and aluminum pie tins. You can deliver the fruit and nuts to Diamond Bar (43 Franklin St, Greenpoint, Brooklyn) on Monday, November 19 through Wednesday, November 21, any time after 5pm. You can also bring donations to the bake event on Wednesday, November 21. If you'd like to donate but cannot make it to Diamond Bar or the baking session, please contact Rachael at [email protected].


We'll be convening to assemble and bake the pies at a loft in Greenpoint (Brooklyn) on Wednesday, November 21, the day before Thanksgiving. You can deliver donations of pumpkins, apples and/or pecans on the day of the bake as well. In true Brooklyn Bouillon fashion, we'll have a big pot of soup simmering to greet participants. After the bake, we'll head to Diamond Bar for celebratory beer! Please contact Rachael at [email protected] for the address of the baking session. We'd love for you to join!


We'll be delivering pies to the Red Hook Initiative on Thanksgiving morning. We might also join in the distribution of pies around Red Hook. And if we have enough pies, we'll broaden our reach for distribution. If you'd like to assist with delivery of the pies, please contact Rachael at [email protected]. We'll be sure to share a slice on Thanksgiving, too!


Thanks to Plovgh for providing resources and spreading the word, Diamond Bar for offering a space for donations and Red Hook Initiative for finding homes for the pies. And if you're interested in learning more about Brooklyn Bouillon, including the launch of a monthly Foodshed Stocks CSA, please reach out to Rachael at [email protected].