In 2010 Brooklyn Bouillon launched as a small-scale product company in New York. We partner with local farms to deliver sustainably produced culinary stocks to the healthy home cook. Our stocks tell a storyabout the land, the animals, their caretakersand reveal superior results in the kitchen. We never knew how popular stocks would become!

Our first goal was to add value to the work of responsible farmers by using the entire harvest and to bring a fundamental culinary staple to your home. Over the years we learned that Brooklyn Bouillon is more than a culinary stock company. From one batch of bones, a spectrum of products can be made—from cured delicacies to compostable bone char.

What began as a small business has turned into a mission about the education of and economic development within local food systems. We are working to build infrastructure in the Hudson Valley that will allow us to grow as a full-range product company. For now, you can read the book, or send us an e-mail to get on the list!